Our services in ICT

Since its very beginning, XatraX provides valuable “ICT” consultancy services to its clients/partners. Due to the market evolution and digital transformation, we provide “ICT” services in Software engineering on multi-platform Systems. With more than 20 years of expertise, we can provide our clients with a real added-value in every aspect on your transformation.

Software engineering

Mainly focused on “cloud” technologies, we can support your digital transformation regardless the (back-end and front-end) technologies. We provide skilled developers, software and infrastructure architects qualified on all major cloud vendor platforms: Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and many other in any segment: Finance, Automotive, Telco, Logistics, Retail and Public sector.

Systems engineering

XatraX was known as a certified “Linux/Unix” training centre. On an infrastructure level, we provide specialists on maintaining on a daily basis the platforms running your business and mission-critical applications. Storage- and system engineers, security and network professionals, who focus on the daily operational aspects of your on-prem IT estate.


Application support? Systems support? Whatever the “support level” required, we will deliver a smart “high-end” service.


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