SME Portfolio

Save up to 30% on your education thanks to the SME portfolio

XatraX is registered with the Enterprise Agency of the Flemish Government as a service provider for the SME portfolio as a training provider for ArchX. This means that self-employed persons (main or secondary occupation), entrepreneurs of an SME & practitioners of a liberal profession can enjoy 30% subsidies when following training courses.

In other words, you only pay 70% of the registration fee, provided you follow the instructions below.

Pay with the SME PORTFOLIO

When registering, indicate that you want to pay via SME portfolio. It is not allowed to pay in instalments. After your registration you will immediately receive an invoice with an invoice number that you need for payment via SME portfolio. One invoice is generated per registration for a course. Then you apply for your subsidy via the SME portfolio.

How do you use the SME PORTFOLIO?

All information regarding the SME portfolio can be found at or via the toll-free number 1700 of the Flemish Government.

First time you use the SME portfolio?

Then you have to register once. Keep in mind that registration can take up to 10 working days and that you must have an e-ID and an electronic card reader. Once you are registered, you can submit a project application. Select “XatraX” for service providers. Enter the description of your training and the correct number of training hours (this can be found on your registration confirmation and on the invoice). Also state the full amount of the training. Submit your project application immediately after registration.

If you make use of the early bird discount, make sure that your file has been submitted before that date & the VAT has been paid. If you do not use the early bird discount, keep in mind that payment must be made before the start of the training.

If the training has already started and the project application is submitted 14 days or later after this start date, the SME portfolio can no longer be approved. This means that as a participant you have to pay the full amount of the training yourself. A project application must first be approved by XatraX (training, amount, number of training hours, date of application). As soon as this is in order, you will receive a message via the SME portfolio. After that, you must deposit 70% of the training amount to the SME portfolio within 30 days. As soon as your deposit is in order, the Flemish Government will deposit the other 30% of the training amount in your SME portfolio. Finally, your SME portfolio must instruct XatraX to pay the full amount of the training. You use the invoice number that is stated on the invoice.

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